(brief) "CEI's mission to provide a well-rounded education to children in need could not be achieved without the wonderful teachers at our schools. In addition to updates on the children and schools you support we will be giving the spotlight to the individuals who deliver this support in Uganda and Sri Lanka. This month we are giving thanks to Sunya Harriet for her services at our schools in Uganda"
July 2013

A teacher in Jinja, Uganda, Sunya Harriet primarily teaches math and sometimes English to grades one through three. Sunya is 32 years old and is married to Michael . Sunya was born in Muppudde village, 3 kilometers from Jinja, and attended Muppudde Primary School before studying at Jinja Senior Secondary School until she completed her senior four. Sunya then attended Bishop Wills Teachers Training College for two years and upon completion became a teacher. After 8 years of teaching, however, Sunya decided to further her own studies and enrolled at Kyambogo University to receive a diploma in education of math and English. Sunya has been teaching children math and English since 1999 and joined CEI in 2011.

Sunya is a compassionate teacher and mentor to her pupils, saying that in addition to providing education to the children she also "loves and sings with the kids and teaches them to be respectful and always be conscious of doing what is right".

Sunya's favorite aspect of being a teacher is listening to what the young children have to say.

Aside from teaching, Sunya enjoys serving the community in as many ways as possible, particularly through praying for those who are sick and in the hospital.

Sunya hopes most of all that the children she teaches will have a bright future. CEI is very luck to have a warm-hearted and intelligent teacher like Sunya to educate and support the children in need.

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