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Abudalha Mastura

Abudalha Mastura

Birthday: Jul 12, 2009, 15 Years old
Gender: Female
Child Number: UG-002-051
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Wakitaka

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Four year old Abudalha is a healthy, loving and friendly girl. Abudalha was recently abandoned by her parents because mother left the family and father could not afford to work while taking care of the children. Abudalha and her brother now live with their grandmother who a peasant farmer is earning less than US $2 a day. Abudalha enjoys playing with the baby toys her father left her with and she really appreciates being taken care by her grandmother. Abudalha hopes to become a nurse to care of sick children but she cannot get an education because all schools are too far away from her home. Will you help Abudalha have an education?

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