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Elijjha Kintu

Elijjha Kintu

Birthday: Jul 14, 2008, 15 Years old
Gender: Male
Child Number: UG-002-045
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Wakitaka

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Three years old Elijjha is a shy boy who has seven sisters and a brother in Wakitaka village, Uganda. Elijjha lives with his siblings and his mother whom he loves dearly. Elijjha's father does not live with the family because he works as a peasant farmer in another village. Elijjha's mother is unable to earn enough money as a housewife to feed her nine children. In a few years, Elijjha will be old enough to go to school but the school fees are unaffordable. Despite the financial struggles, Elijjha is optimistic and hopes to become a teacher like one of his elder sisters. Would you like to help Elijjha with his education?

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