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Mitchel Nakayi

Mitchel Nakayi

Birthday: Oct 24, 2001, 22 Years old
Gender: Female
Child Number: UG-002-066
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Wakitaka

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Mitchel is a highly ambitious ten year old girl who has a cheerful personality despite her painful past. When Mitchel was young, both of her parents died from AIDS. She now lives with her aunt, who works as a shopkeeper. Mitchel is very bright and studies a lot outside of school to perform even better in classes. She admires lawyers and her dream is to become one. She prays to God for wisdom so she can achieve her goal. Mitchel works hard on her English, because she wants to pursue her career outside of Africa. If she can't become a lawyer she wants to be a famous singer. Your support can help fulfill her ambitions?

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