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Shamina Naigaga

Shamina Naigaga

Birthday: Jun 20, 2007, 16 Years old
Gender: Female
Child Number: UG-002-068
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Wakitaka

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Well-mannered and gentle Shamina is four years old. She lives with her parents and her father is a Plumber. Shamina has three brothers and a sister. She spends her time with her friends by playing with dolls made out of banana fiber or looking for mangoes on the mango trees as she does not attend school. Since Shamina's father's earning as a Plumber is insufficient to meet the basic needs of the family it has also barred Shamina attending the pre-school to commence her education. Shamina's dream is to become a Montessori teacher. Your support will help Shamina to commence her education and achieve her dream.

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