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Sheila Namusuba

Sheila Namusuba

Birthday: Jun 24, 2007, 16 Years old
Gender: Female
Child Number: UG-001-067
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Butiki

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Clever, four years old Sheila understands the value of education. She enjoys going to school and studying because it will help her get a better life in the future. Due to her situation, however, Sheila might no longer be able to go to school. When Sheila was two years old, she lost her mother to high blood pressure. Now Sheila and her brother live with their grandmother, because Sheila's father abandoned them. Sheila's grandmother works as a peasant farmer earning less than US $2 a day, an income insufficient to take care of the basic needs of the two children. Sheila dreams of becoming a teacher. She says that as a teacher she will be able to financially support her grandmother, as she has done for her.

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