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Zuika Tebewa

Zuika Tebewa

Birthday: Oct 19, 2004, 19 Years old
Gender: Female
Child Number: UG-001-038
Country of Origin: Uganda
Project: Butiki

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Humble seven year old Zulika enjoys playing handball with balls she makes herself from fibers. Zulia lives with her mother, brother and two sisters in a house made of mud in Butiki Village. Zulika's father neglected the family and left Zulika's mother with the care of her four children. Zulika's mother works as a peasant farmer to provide for her children but with an income of less than US $2 she can barely meet their basic needs. Zulika wants to become a nurse and open her own clinic so that she will be able to provide cheap treatment for her family. Will you help Zulika to continue her education and pursue her dream?

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