Bryant and Kristin Young Computer Lab at Kalapuwa Sri Leadership Academy

Bryant and Kristin Young Computer Lab at Kalapuwa Sri Leadership Academy, which opened in November 2011, was created in the final construction phase of our vocational training center, The Lance Berkman Learning Center, and was made possible by the generous donation of Bryant and Kristin Young. The computer lab is a central component to equipping our future leaders with the skills to understand and work in the expanding fields of information technology. Students in Sri Lanka typically do not have any access to computer education programs as government-run public schools do not offer any such classes.

The lab has 30 computers and 2 air conditioning units, all enclosed in a modern glass design. CEI holds 9 hours of classes in the lab each week and each student takes and introductory class in computer operations, later moving on to more complex subjects and operations such as word processing.

In addition to the classes held in the computer lab, several of the donated computers are apart of CEI’s Mobile Computer Lab which travels to many of our 62 schools around Sri Lanka in order to expose more children to education of computer literacy. As students’ knowledge of this important technology increases, so will their number of opportunities. The computer lab will also allow the vocational center to begin offering English as a Second Language programs (ESL), giving additional tools to the students so that they can be best prepared for the future.

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