CEI Schools, Uganda


  • CEI’s current projects are located in the southeastern region of Uganda called Jinja, bordering the shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the Nile River
  • CEI supports 300 orphaned and forgotten Ugandan children in this region
  • CEI provides essential items like clothes, food programs, blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets, and cooking utensils for children under our care
  • CEI makes sure every child under its care are provided a school as well as scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils, paper, uniforms, and shoes
  • CEI provides weekly and monthly medical check-ups by health-care providers from the local health-care community


Uganda currently has over 2 million orphaned children.  The majority are orphaned by HIV/AIDS (Uganda Poverty Status Report, 2011). This number is expected to rise in the next decade, increasing the risk of children having to live on the streets and becoming beggars. These children then become susceptible to exploitation like sexual abuse, child labor, and child trafficking.

  • 1.76 million Ugandan children are engaged in child labor with the majority among them being orphans. The majority of these child laborers earn a living by brick laying and working as field hands on farms
  • US State Department estimates 30% of Ugandan children are trafficked for both human sacrifice and the forcible removal of body parts by witch doctors
  • 80% of Ugandan children between the ages of 5 and 13 do not attend school
  • Many children drop out of school due to low income of their parents or guardians or because of the loss of parents or guardians due to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, making some of them orphans
  • Orphans are forced to live with relatives or a neighbor where they usually face severe financial hardship and the possibility of abuse

CEI recently completed the first stage of a new Leadership Academy in the village of Wakitaka, in Jinja.  This project has been made possible by a generous contribution from the Skoglunds, who themselves are involved in providing education in the language schools that they own.  Their support and contribution has made it possible for CEI to begin classes in the next acdemic year February 2015 for children in the villages of Butiki and Wakitaka. Children at CEI's Leadership Academy will receive free education and a nutritious meal every day.  CEI will hire and train staff and other teaching professionals to serve the children.  

Donate to CEI, Uganda - In order for CEI to continue to provide free educaiton to children at the leadership academy and for us to continue to serve the children in Uganda we are accepting donations such as the monthly sponsorship of a child, please visit our sponsorship page for more details, monthly support of the managment and administration of the leadership academy, donations to purchase text books and stationery for the classes and furniture for the classrooms.  


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