Uganda: The Youngest Country in the World

July 2013 (brief) "78% of Uganda's population is below 30 years old, making it the youngest country in the world. Experts on population control unanimously agree that this puts Uganda in an extremely worrying position, as the country's... read more

Mid-term Update from Uganda

Mid-term Update from Uganda (brief) "For the past two months it has been very hot and very dry in Jinja. The dust is everywhere and the children are having a hard time keeping their uniforms clean! " June 2013 The term began on the 27th... read more

CEI President Adam Salmon’s Exciting Visit to Kenya

(brief) "Reporting from Nanyuki, Adam has big news for CEI!" July 2013 Adam is having a wonderful time in Nanyuki, Kenya visiting a local medical clinic and school. CEI has recently been asked to take over the school and health center... read more


(brief) "CEI's mission to provide a well-rounded education to children in need could not be achieved without the wonderful teachers at our schools. In addition to updates on the children and schools you support we will be giving the spotlight... read more

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