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Adam Salmon

Adam Salmon

Adam Salmon, the Founder and President of Child Empowerment International, has been recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in working to reduce the cycle of poverty in areas of civil unrest through empowering and educating marginalized children.

Adam established a textbook exporting company when he moved to Sri Lanka in 1994, Mr. Salmon became aware of thousands of forgotten children living on the streets and in displacements camps that were missed by other aid organizations. Adam stated, "These children have special needs due to horrific life events. Without understanding the affect trauma has on a child and the emotional and cognitive changes it can bring, the healing process can be very difficult." Adam wanted to create an environment for these children where education and healing would lead to positive change. He hoped that the children, given proper care and another chance at life, would grow to be independent individuals, ready to become leaders themselves. That year he started the organization in Colombo.

Nineteen years later, Adam is still just as dedicated to the efforts of CEI in providing learning centers for more than 6,800 children in regions facing civil war and unrest. Adam Salmon manages 300 teachers and administrative personnel who are working in Sri Lanka and Uganda and serves as a liaison with U.S. and international government officials. In addition to being directly involved with fundraising efforts for the organization, he oversees the overall operation of over 70 schools and leadership academies in Sri Lanka.

Currently, Mr. Salmon is working with Ugandan government officials to construct and staff multiple schools in Uganda. With his background and a master's degree in educational psychology and clinical psychology from Seattle University, Adam Salmon is well qualified to work with these at risk children, and he attributes his success to his high degree of compassion and persistence. Armed with the knowledge that what he is doing can change the lives of many children who have struggled, Mr. Salmon is highly focused on Child Empowerment International's cause, and in the future, Mr. Salmon hopes to continue to serve children in crisis.

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